~ Our Story ~

~ Tornado's was established in 2000 by Tom Slaughter. He runs Tornado's along side his wife, Bobbie , his sons, Thomas Jr., Nate, and Jamiel, and daughters Emily and Paige.

In the last 18 years, this small establishment has seen it's ups and downs, but has stayed true to what it was founded on: good food, fun games, and a place to enjoy family and friends.

Tornado's has faced many hurdles and hardships, having survived two floods, the most recent only a few years ago. On Tuesday, September 27th. 2016, the City of Cedar Rapids built a flood wall to keep the rising water from flooding the downtown area of Cedar Rapids. Tornado's, along with a few other business' were left to fend for themselves on the other side.  But Tornado's, along with so many dedicated and loyal friends and family, decided we weren't going anywhere!  Together, this small but courageous community pulled together to make sure Tornado's stayed afloat!